Nepal’s Foreign Minister gives green signal for opening Consular Office in California

Kathmandu: Nepal’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has committed to making some provisions in regard to opening Nepal’s diplomatic office for targeting the US citizens, and Nepalis living in the western belt of the United States.

Minister Gyawali made such commitment at a meeting with Nepal’s former Tourism Ambassador to San Francisco Bay Area and Founder Chairman of Motherland Nepal Anil Pandey during a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday.

Minister Gyawali acknowledged the necessity of a diplomatic office in the west part of the US stating that Washington-based Embassy of Nepal is too far for Nepalis living in rest part of the US to get their things done from the Embassy.

The Foreign Affairs Minister made such remarks while receiving an application submitted by Anil Pandey requesting the Government of Nepal for the establishment of the Consular Office in California, US.

In his application, Pandey has argued that Nepal’s Consular Office is needed in California since it is too far and costlier for Nepalis and foreign nationals to visit the Embassy of Nepal in Washington DC to collect their visa and passports.

Since a large number of tourists visit San Francisco from across the globe, the diplomatic crop of Nepal in any form is required for the greater of good of Nepal’s tourism, Pandey said.

Thousands of Nepalis living in California, Origen, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and other states would be directly benefited if such diplomatic office was established in San Francisco area.

Earlier, during the premiership of Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’,  then Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat had also agreed and initiated the process for the establishment of such office in California but that could not materialize due to some issues despite the then government’s decision.

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