Kulman Ghising, man of light praised, respected for ending load shedding for now and forever

Kulman Ghising, the Executive Director of state-owned Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), is perhaps the most appreciated public figure in Nepal in the last two years. This is because Kulman Ghising is the one who ended the monotous long-hours of power cuts in the country. Currently, there is no power cuts in Nepal for the past two years after Kulman Ghising assumed his office. Kulman Ghising led the campaign to ensure unhindered power supply even in the day when the power demand is at its high. In Nepal, the demand for power supply is around 1270 megawatt in the day of Laxmi Puja of Tihar, the festival of light. With the efficient managerial skills and capacity to mobilize the teams, Kulman Ghising led a tough battle against load shedding that Nepalis had been facing for long. Now, there will be never load shedding in Nepal, Kulman Ghising says.

At a time when Kulman Ghising enetered the state-utility NEA as the top executive post, Ghising had the first priority to end the notorious power cuts. But, he was not in the mind to terminate power disruption at one but was planning to work step by step, which he succeeded later. He first ended the load shedding in Kathmandu in the same winter though there was upto 18 hours of power cuts prior to Kulman Ghising’s executive post in the NEA. End of load shedding is not just supplying power regularly in Nepal. It’s a hope, it’s a hard-won battle against mismanagement and corruption in the NEA. It’s a strong power to reduce trade imbalance and trade deficit. After the regular power supply, the industrial output has soared while the confidence level of the industrialists has gone up. Likewise, the saving of each household and small enterprises is unaccounted for but the move of Kulman Ghising is highly praised because his best performance has helped save at least some amount to each hosuehold across the country. “This is just a normal process. He is working with the long-lasting plan, his plan is massive,” Ratopati reports quoting Kulman Ghising. The report of Ratopati further quotes Kulman Ghising, “Now, load shedding is never going to come back. But, it should not happen after 20 years too. I have to work not to cause the happening of load shedding even after 20 years as well. I have brought some projects into operation. If I make some transmission lines and develop physical infrastructure, there would be no power cut.”

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