Former tourism ambassador Pandey suggests US aspirant visitors for valid documents

Everyone is interested to land in the United States and there are people making claims for having capacity to land someones in the USA. But, the USA is not such an easy destination that one can easily land there nor others can easily cause for the aspirants. We have heard many cases that some people have lost a huge amount of money and long time for following the unconvincing figures to fulfill their dream of landing in the USA. Similarly, the fake signature and stamps of US-based social organizations is also used to get the visa issuance even in some cases. That’s unfortunate. We have heard that a gang is active to such misdeed.
Former Tourism Ambassador, who is currently based in San Francisco of USA, Anil Pandey suggests that all Nepalis aspiring to visit the USA should be cautious in themselves. “We have examples of many people who have spend money for visa process after they were found going ahead in visa processing pretending their participation either in fake programs or postponed ones.” Such persons have to suffer badly in the US even after they got visa and shared that visas of many people have been cancelled even after getting visas. According to Pandey, the sponsorship letter or the invitation letter should be deemed officials only if the aspirants got such letter from the official mailing address of the host organizations. In the digital era of the current, the US aspirants should hold face to face talks prior to visa processing with the persons or organizations that promise the persons to ‘take’ to the USA. As the rumor of such cases were reported, Pandey has urged one and all to invest in Nepal itself for self-satisfaction instead of going for the USA.

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