Polluting diesel cars: Germany to present its compromise today

Germany is preparing to present its compromise on the way forward for millions of people with older, more polluting diesel cars, with manufacturers potentially facing a steep bill for the

Migration, climate change were raised in 73rd UNGA but Trump dominated UN

Associated Press has described the U.S. President Donald Trump dominating the 73rd United Nations General Assembly that ended Monday, but his rejection of “the ideology of globalism” left America almost

China to lower tariffs rate on 1,585 goods

Starting from Nov. 1 this year, China will slash most-favored-nation tariffs on a total of 1,585 taxable items as the country moves to further open its market, an official statement

China manufacturing weakens amid US tariff battle

China’s export orders shrank in September as a tariff battle with Washington over technology escalated, adding to downward pressure on the world’s No. 2 economy, two surveys showed Sunday. The

British PM May unveiling plans to levy additional fees on foreign home buyers

British Prime Minister Theresa May will unveil plans on Sunday to levy an extra fee on foreign buyers of homes in Britain, saying she wanted to stop it being as

Trump urges supporters to vote in wake of Kavanaugh hearing

President Donald Trump turned his embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh into a rallying cry for Republicans to vote in November, saying they can help reject the “ruthless and outrageous

About the Nobel Literature Prize

For the first time in 70 years the Nobel Literature Prize-awarding body, the Swedish Academy, has postponed the award, after a #MeToo scandal left it in ruins. The venerable institution

Landmark verdict of India’s court: Women can now enter the Sabarimala temple

India’s Supreme Court has said women can easily entered the Sabarimala temple, considered to be one of the holiest for Hindus. The temple in Kerala barred women of a “menstruating age”

Indonesia quake and tsunami devastates coast, 380 plus causalities

A tsunami that hit two central Indonesian cities swept away buildings and pulverized a substantial bridge, dumping victims caught in its relentless path across a devastated landscape that rescuers Saturday

The Boeing 747: The Plane that shrank the world

It is 30 September 1968, and a crowd of thousands has gathered at the new Boeing factory at Everett, about 30 miles (50km) north of Seattle. They are here to