Govt to unveil PM Employment Program to create jobs inside the country

The Prime Minister Employment Programme (PMEP) is being implemented by the government in order to mobilize the unemployed youth in the national-building campaign what the many laud the mission as a one-step ahead towards socialism. The government is mulling over launching the social justice programme, mobilization of youth human resources in the national interests and they would be deployed in the development of physical infrastructures. According to Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista the government is going to launch a new and unique campaign aiming to create employment opportunities in the country and it would be implemented irrespective of ideologies, political faiths and values. The programme would make sure the skills, talents, capacity and enthusiasm of the youth would be mobilized prudently for the nation-building. The parameter of labour market would be widened and the opportunities for employment would be augmented to increase the productivity of the labourers. The government is preparing to put in place a mechanism to impart training and skills to prospective Nepali migrant workers so that Nepali migrant worker would not leave for foreign shores without learning skills.

Such schemes have been introduced in our neighbouring countries, but never before in Nepal. In the absence of such government efforts, even educated people are migrating abroad and are forced to take up menial jobs. Through this scheme, the government plans to engage unemployed youths in various sectors like agriculture and animal husbandry, forest and environment, and reconstruction. The ministry has enlisted a total of 11 sectors, including National Pride Projects, where unemployed youths will be working under the plan. These new jobs will also be generated in coordination with the private sector.

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