Tatopani Frontier Inspection Station Project at Zhamgmu Port completed

The China-Aid Post-Disaster Recovery for Tatopani Frontier Inspection Station Project near the Zhamgmu Port has been completed to ensure the re-open of the Zhangmu Port. This China-aided project is about 6 kilometres away from the Nepal-China Friendship Bridge.

The construction work started in 2012 and was damaged seriously after several earthquakes in 2015 and the two catastrophic floods. Since the Nepal great earthquake in 2015, the project had been shut down. In order to meet the bilateral trade between China and Nepal, the International Engineering Branch of China Railway 14 Bureau Group Co., Ltd. undertook the construction work on April 30, 2018.

The constructions of office hall, cargo shed, cargo warehouse, apartment building, rubble-concrete retaining wall and steel truss bridge were completed, the officials said. The secretary of South Asia Office of China Railway 14 Bureau Group Co., Ltd explained that the project includes geological disaster management around the project and continued construction, with the total built-up area of 6,300 metre squares. “One of the highlights is that the new-built steel truss bridge which adopted the single-span of 90m simply-supported ISO-high steel truss beam is the first span steel truss bridge in Nepal,” he said.

According to the project manager,the project is constructed with tight construction period and heavy tasks, also effected in material transportation and natural disasters caused by the rainy season. Workers from China and Nepal act with united strength which provided condition to complete the project on schedule, it is said.

Zhangmu Port was the busiest port between China and Nepal, through which most over-land trade between the two countries was conducted. However, the port was severely damaged and closed by the Nepal Earthquake in 2015, and has not been opened yet. By now, only the Jilong port is in operation.

Secretary said that the completion of the project has made the reopening of Zhangmu Port increasingly a reality. “In the process of construction, we have also done a lot of work for maintenance of Araniko Highway. After the reopening of Zhangmu port, the interconnection between China and Nepal will further develop under the ” Belt and Road Initiative “, and the living standard of the people in the surrounding areas will also be greatly improved.” he said. The news relating to the reopening of Zhangmu Port has attracted many people to return home. My parents’ shop is reopened and I am also ready to do a small business after the reopening of the port now,” a local lady said.

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