Gaoyou, Yangzhou of Jiangsu province: The perfect place to visit for international tourists  

While visiting Yangzhou, a historic city in Jiangsu Province, the eye-catching views from my hotel window was of green plots of land surrounded by low-rise apartment buildings. One could breathe the fresh air with lots of greenery in the city while enjoying the trips along the canal and lakes in the sub-urban areas there. My love in the green and calm landscape and of the urban-rural relationship comes from my childhood memories of rural area back my home in Nepal. I could realize my childhood memories and the lakes in Pokhara back home and the surrounding of the Lake City in Nepal’s Pokhara.

I find so many similarities between my home town in Pokhara and the cities in Jiangsu province. The landscape here was much more diverse than I had expected. Agricultural patterns, activities, arts, architecture, conservation drive, sanitation, infrastructure development and commercialization of touristic sites were amazing.

For me, the visit to Yangzhou and Gaoyou, the two historic cities in China’s central Jiangsu Province, last week remained awesome on many ways and the other members of my trip including diplomats, officials from the China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and members from different countries from Asia and Pacific region praised the overall management of the team as well as the beauties of the town.

The Yangzhou city is not only a historic one but also a beautiful and eco-friendly city with massive investment on green development and ecology. The city is obviously an international culture and tourism destination for national and international visitors because of its warm hospitality, best tourism infrastructure, smiling people, smart service and most importantly best-served cuisines– one of the best cuisines in China. So, I find the cities are worth exploring. The journalists, diplomats and officials shared that the trip was unforgettable for him because of natural beauties and people’s warm hospitality.

Yangzhou city, which once was one of the top six cities in the world in the history now also, boasts its features of being a neat, clean and hospitable city for the guests and visitors. The Grand Canal which was built in the past for the trading of salt as far as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong along Jiangsu province lures the visitors even today.

More than that, the remains of the Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties are well preserved. Such beauties could be seen in many places including near Shugang-Slender West Lake. According to the officials, the tourism revenue of the city amounted to 90 billion RMB in 2018. Besides touristic, cultural and scenic beauties, the city has earned its fame as an emerging sci-tech innovation city thanks to its massive investment in research and development projects.

During the visit, the group witnessed cultural heritage and historical resources by walking along the gate and street of Dongguan which were built in the era of Ming and Qing dynasties. The foreign visitors also went around the 486 Intangible Cultural Heritage Zone which has opened the history of Yangzhou city to them and some of them were seen buying different souvenirs for their beloved ones in the zone. The visit to Perfect China Company Ltd, Jiangsu Famsun Company Ltd, LONGT Lighting Group, Yangzhou Shuguang Cable Company Ltd, and Jiangsu Huajian Construction Company Ltd were the epitome of China’s shared development fruits in the faraway region.

In Gaoyou, which is located on the north side of the Yangtze River and well-known for its rich cultural heritage and historical places, the team visited Lingtang Hui Township and a 700-year old mosque, the oldest and largest mosque of East China. Likewise, the team had an opportunity to visit Yucheng Postal Service Station that was listed in the UNSECO World Heritage Site in 2014.

Gaoyou Lake, the sixth largest lake in China and the third largest lake in Jiangsu, the Grand Canal, 1200-year-old Buddhist Temple and the bank of Yangtze river were spellbinding to one and all.

Besides, trips and sightseeing, the Foreign Affairs Office of Yangzhou and Gaoyou cities also organized separate diner reception to all the journalists, diplomats and other visiting members. The guests praised the warm hospitality of the two cities and the officials’ ‘gesture.

For me, the visit remained not only a part of hospitality and affections by the Foreign Affairs Offices of the cities but also an opportunity to explore cultural richness of China, Chinese People and its officials and the great Chinese civilization at large.

So, I urge the visitors from across the globe to visit the Chinese cities for cost-effective trips, in the green and healthy environment. The historic beauty of the city, development, people’s respect to the past, their respect to the culture and their love to the nature are beyond telling. If you want to explore China, I call on the people to visit outside of Beijing too.

In the reception, Vice Mayor Yutong Liu of Yangzhou Municipal People’s Government said that he was delighted to welcome the friends in the most beautiful season of Yangzhou to visit Yangzhou and attend 2019 China Yangzhou Flowery March International Economy, Trade and Tourism Festival.

He said the government has focused on economic construction and obtained great achievements in livelihood improving, city optimizing and environment protecting. According to him, in 2018, regional GDP reached ¥546.6 billion Yuan, an increase of 6.7%. Meanwhile, great efforts have been made to expand opening up and promote city’s internationalization.

At present, we have established friendly relationships with 58 cities of 28 countries and had economic and cultural exchanges with more than 160 countries and regions.

Likewise, Vice Mayor of Gaoyou Municipal People’s Government said that arrival of journalists, diplomats and officials provided great opportunities for them to introduce Gaoyou, publicize Gaoyou, and display Gaoyou adding that it built a bridge to open wider to the outside world and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the outside world. He also hoped that visit helped deepen understanding of the economic and cultural development of Gaoyou. “We also eagerly hope that through this visit, more people will come into contact with Gaoyou, understand Gaoyou, and hold hands with Gaoyou, and work with us to create a bright tomorrow. We believe that through the visit, the pace of opening up of Gaoyou will be faster and faster, and the level of opening up of Gaoyou will certainly become higher and higher,” he added.

Gaoyou has a long history and beautiful scenery, with a total area of 1963 square kilometers and a population of 830,000. It is a world heritage city, a national historical and cultural city, a national ecological city, with a history of 7,000 years of civilization and more than 2200 years of founding history of the city. Gaoyou is located in China’s most dynamic Yangtze River Delta region, with a per capita GDP of more than US $10, 000, ranking among the top 100 counties and cities in terms of China’s overall strength. After years of cultivation, Gaoyou has gradually formed four basic industries including mechanical equipment, wire and cable, lighting lamps and lanterns, textile and clothing, household electric tools, photovoltaic cells, clothing and bags are the bulk products exported to overseas.

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